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About the painter

Welcome on this site!

Heddy de Visser is painting for several years  and followed workshops of different well known Belgian  painters.

She is Dutch,  but  she lives in Belgium.

She  loves watercolours, but also pastel, charcoal etc.

Peoples of all nations have her interest en she is hoping to  paint many of them in the next years.

Painting is not just a hobby,  but something that stays with her for the rest of her life, like a good friend.

She hopes to encourage many more people to find their giftings and explore new ways to express the beauty of creation.

Please contact her if you have any reactions or if you are interested in a particular painting.

Comments on: "About the painter" (6)

  1. fantastic!

  2. Hoi Heddy ,
    Ik vind het schitterende kunswerkjes . Een waar talent !

  3. prachtig! proficiat Heddy

  4. Echt héél mooi, Heddy! Voortdoen zo. Dit is mooie kunst die God eert.

  5. Mens, Heddy, wat maak je prachtige dingen!! Ik had vandaag pas tijd om er eens naar te kijken – wat een talent. Volgens mij moet je hier geld mee kunnen verdienen!
    Sommige van mijn favorieten zijn de klaprozen en tulpen en de portretten, maar ja ook de landschappen zijn heel bijzonder. Ga zo door en laat het nog veel meer zien – hier kun je mee tevoorschijn komen,

    Many blessings,

    Paulien Zeeman-Lens

  6. Unbelievably good! We all know that watercolor is the most difficult medium to paint with but you appear to have mastered it well and with such ease! I like your looseness and creativity. Well my cousin Heddy, after just meeting you recently on the phone, I know I now have some very stiff competition!

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